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Prestigio releases external battery pack able to charge various mobile devices

Декември 05, 2007

Prestigio releases external battery pack able to charge various mobile devices

Prestigio has released a high capacity external universal battery pack Power Bank 501 able to charge various mobile devices.

Limassol (Cyprus), December 5, 2007 -- Prestigio Technologies Ltd., a dynamic international vendor of state-of-the-art products for Digital Home and Digital Office, has released a high capacity external universal battery pack able to charge various mobile devices. The new product is immediately available at Prestigio partners’ stores across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Due to the rapid development of information technology, today's mobile devices are equipped with more features and functions than ever before. On the other hand, the devices consume more power therefore require more reliable and stronger power sources. To address the problem of short life of conventional battery, Prestigio now provides an external battery pack Power Bank 501 designed to give the mobile devices’ user extra runtime.

For users that find themselves constantly replacing or recharging batteries, Prestigio Power Bank 501 is an ideal backup power source to obtain just on the go. There are no more worries about limited battery capacity of your laptop or digital camera. The power bank combines a high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery with an appealing design. With a wide voltage range and various connectors available, it is possible to power most of notebook computers on the market.

It provides mobile users with an uninterrupted and reliable power source for which screen dimming or hard drive spinning down will not be problems to worry about. Wherever you go and whatever you do, the battery pack will quench your thirst for more power. Power Bank 501 includes a bonus USB connector that enables you to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously.

Prestigio Power Bank 501 uses Li-ion battery technology which decreases recharging time by boosting its energy density in each cell. Moreover, battery's advantages in size and weight highly suit it for a role as an alternative power source for mobile devices. Prestigio Power Bank 501 is capable of providing up to four additional working hours for a notebook computer. The battery also comes with a fine-looking leather case to protect the device from accidents.

Users are able to keep track of the remaining battery capacity with the power indicator located on the device’s front side. Power Bank 501 does not require any special charging methods allowing users to recharge at any time. The included charger/adapter is designed to be universal – capable of charging in any country (with appropriate plug adapter), thus making it perfect for both business and leisure travel.

The complete power bank package includes a power bank main unit, leather carrying case, connector cable, connector tips, USB cable, power adapter/charger, warranty card (Russia only) and user manual book/CD.

Key features:

  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 174*84*23mm
  • Weight: ~420g
  • Charging time: ~4 hours
  • Voltage selection: 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19V
  • Maximum capacity: 10000mAh/5V
  • Color: Black/Silver

Product photos are downloadable via this link:

About Prestigio

Prestigio Technologies Ltd. is a highly dynamic IT company providing Digital Home and Office consumer solutions to the market. Having started as a small R&D subsidiary of ASBIS Group, during the last several years Prestigio has become a supplier of unique hi-tech solutions and products to consumer market. Digital Home and Digital Office are the two main focus areas of the company. Investing in the combination of "The Art of Hi-Tech" (solutions where hi-tech products become works of Art), the company has uniquely positioned itself on the market. Currently headquartered in Cyprus, Prestigio actively operates in the EMEA region through representative offices and business partnerships located in key business centres of the region and offering its customers an excellent portfolio of cutting-edge IT products and value-added services.

For more information please visit www.prestigio.com.

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